Announcing a major stakeholder collaboration

An important stakeholder collaboration has commenced between CESAHN and CPC Research Hub (The University of Sydney), with the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding underpinned by a common vision of better health and wellbeing for all Australians.

John Petrozzi, board director and chair of CES Allied Health Network said: “This collaboration is an important step to help transfer cutting edge health research knowledge from CPC’s research faculty, directly into the practices of primary care allied health professionals (AHPs) who serve our community every day”.

CPC Research Hub is lead by world renown health researcher, Professor Paulo Ferreira, who has contributed to countless research projects throughout his long career, including the development of several prominent clinical practice guidelines for the management and prevention of acute and chronic health conditions.

Professor Ferreira believes that “collaborating with CES Allied Health Network will be an effective way of getting health research out to allied health professionals in the community for the end goal of improving patient health outcomes and preventing disease early in a patient’s journey".

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