Cancer and Covid-19

26 July 2021


There are COVID-19 resources available for patients with cancer and clinicians managing patients with cancer. With Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program now underway, there are many questions being raised by patients, families and carers affected by cancer. Please refer to the following links for information and support regarding cancer and COVID-19. It is important patients undergoing cancer treatment continue to talk to their GP and treatment team about times in their treatment they may be at the highest risk of infection so they can plan activities accordingly.

Th GPCanshare service provides specialist nurse support for General Practitioners managing patients with cancer. The model of care facilitates two-way communication with the cancer centres of the CESPHN region and can assist with the navigation of referrals into the centres:

Cancer and COVID-19:

COVID-19 vaccine and cancer:

Guidance for health professionals on cancer management and COVID-19: