Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) Directors of the Board of EIS Health Limited

16 July 2021

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EIS Health Ltd is seeking expressions of interest for three elected director positions on its Board of Directors.

EIS Health is a company limited by guarantee that auspices the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (PHN). Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network is one of thirty-one primary health networks across Australia. PHNs have three main roles:

  • They commission health services to meet the identified and prioritised needs of people in their regions and address identified gaps in primary health care. This includes working with others in the community to plan and deliver innovative services that meet specific health needs.
  • They work closely with general practitioners (GPs) and allied health professionals to build health workforce capacity and promote the delivery of high-quality care.
  • They work collaboratively within their regions to integrate health services at the local level to create a better experience for individuals, encourage better use of health resources, and eliminate service duplication.

EIS Health is governed by a skills-based board of directors. The current board comprises eleven directors: seven elected and four appointed. In accordance with its constitution, two out of the seven elected directors of the EIS Health Board must retire prior to the 2021 AGM. Retiring directors are eligible to stand for re-election.

The board is currently seeking people with skills in the following areas:

Risk and compliance oversight: Ability to identify key risks to the organisation in a wide range of areas including legal and regulatory compliance, the monitoring of risk and compliance management frameworks and systems. Qualifications and experience in the law or other qualifications and relevant experience are an advantage.

Business acumen: Experience in commissioning services and contract management. Approximately three quarters of EIS Health’s budget is allocated to commissioning services.

Aboriginal health: Demonstrated experience in working with Aboriginal peoples in the development and delivery of primary health care services including experience and knowledge of the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector

Community care: Experience, knowledge and understanding of community care including aged care and disability services.

Health economics: High level analytical skills and ability to evaluate data. Able to investigate use and distribution of resources in health care to maintain optimal efficiency

IT and technology: An understanding of the application of technology in health, with particular reference to innovation, quality improvement and ability to advise on the organisation’s digital health strategy.

This is a two-stage expression of interest (EOI) process with the first stage comprising a brief set of questions addressing the basic requirements including demographics, qualifications and skills gaps identified by the board. Following an assessment of the applications, those applicants that most address the skills gaps will be invited to provide a more detailed response to the skills gaps.

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