NDIS - Early Childhood Provider report form

 14 Septemeber 2020


The Early Childhood provider report form guides providers to write reports to help with the plan review process for children under seven years. The form has been developed by the Early Childhood Services and Provider Engagement branches


A key benefit of the use of the form is that Early Childhood Partners and NDIA planners will have the information they need to prepare and approve reasonable and necessary supports for the child’s next plan.

You can find more information about the form  in the website news item.

To support the introduction of the Early Childhood Provider Report Form, the NDIA is holding a series of events.

The provider report form is also available on the Reporting and participant plan reviews page and Reviewing your plan and goals page on the NDIS website.

Please familiarise yourself with the form, and encourage families and carers of participants under seven to discuss the use of the form with their providers, ahead of plan reviews.

When you receive reports generated using the form, please upload them into the NDIS Business System (CRM) using the following naming convention: <participant number> EC Provider Report. This will ensure that the NDIA can measure the uptake of the form.

The form is an early outcome of a current review by the NDIA of the implementation of the Early Childhood Early Intervention approach. It reflects input and feedback from Early Childhood Partners, NDIA planners, providers, and peak bodies. The NDIA is working on a number of other positive changes that will flow from the review and that we will share with you in the coming months.

If you have questions or feedback, please email ecei@ndis.gov.au