Over 5000 Fluad Quad® available for collection

29 June 2020

It’s not too late to vaccinate, with peak influenza season usually occurring from June to September in most parts of Australia.  

Fluad Quad® available in CESPHN

If your practice requires more Fluad Quad®, there are over 5000 doses for collection from CESPHN practices. 

To find the nearest collection point in your local area, contact the Immunisation Team

Transport of vaccines

Appropriate protocols for the safe transport of vaccines must be adhered to when collecting vaccines.

As per theNational vaccine storage guidelines –Strive for 5, vaccines should only betransferred to another vaccine refrigerator, cooler or cold box with a minimum/maximum thermometeror data logger to monitor the temperature during transit.

Review the followingprotocols and guidelines for the safe transport of vaccines:

  • Checklist and temperature chart for mobile/outreach immunisation clinics (see Appendix 8)
  • How to pack a cooler (see Section 9.3)
  • How to condition ice packs and gel packs (see Section 9.2)

Alternative options: 

  • Refer patient:Patients aged 65 years and over can be referred to a practice with available stock, see NSW Health vaccine stock list.To add your practice to the list, completethis survey
  • Alternative vaccine: People aged 65 and over should preferentiallyreceive the Fluad® Quad over standard quadrivalent flu vaccines, as it has been specially formulated to create a greater immune response amongst the elderly. If options to obtain Fluad Quad® are not suitable, patients aged 65 years and over may be offered a standard quadrivalent influenza vaccine to protect against influenza.