The AusVaxSafety summary report 2018 has been released and available for viewing.

 16 June 2020

The AusVaxSafety system monitors vaccine safety in Australia. Clinics registered to participate in the surveys send SMS messages to parents and carers to ask if their child had any reactions after receiving a vaccine.

The latest annual report from AusVaxSafety summarises information from people receiving vaccines, or their parents and carers, who responded to an SMS about their health a few days after receiving a vaccine at routine National Immunisation Program schedule points in 2018.  

The report found the most common adverse events after immunisation in children were irritability;

fever; and redness, swelling or pain at the injection site. Adverse events, especially pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, happened more often at 12 months of age, but less often at 6 months of age; this was expected because children now receive one more vaccine at 12 months, and

one less vaccine at six months

The results confirm that vaccines in the National Immunisation Program are safe.

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