Changes to the Regulation and Standards relating to pharmacist vaccination

18 May 2020

The Poisons and Therapeutic Good Regulation 2008 has been amended this week to allow appropriately trained pharmacists to administer vaccines in locations other than the retail pharmacy. These are available in section 48A.

The NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards have also been amended to reflect the change to the Regulation and to advise the locations that appropriately trained pharmacists can administer vaccines. These locations include:

  • Retail pharmacy
  • General Practice
  • Aboriginal Medical Services
  • Local Council Clinics
  • Private Hospitals
  • Public Hospitals and health services
  • Community Health Centres
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Staff Occupational Health Clinics

Please note the vaccines and age of individuals that pharmacists can vaccinate has not changed. This is still private market MMR and dTpa to people aged 16 years and over and influenza vaccine to people aged 10 years and over.

The pharmacy vaccination webpage has also been reviewed and updated including the FAQs, the updated webpage should be live shortly.

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