AusVaxSafety Influenza vaccine monitoring

27 April 2020

AusVaxSafety has commenced routine monitoring of the safety of 2020 seasonal influenza vaccines in all ages from 30 March.

Vaccine safety results for the 2020 influenza vaccines will be available on the AusVaxSafety website from Thursday 9 April 2020 and updated weekly.

Led by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, AusVaxSafety is a world-leading national vaccine safety system. 
AusVaxSafety was established in 2014 to monitor adverse events following immunisation with influenza vaccines in children. AusVaxSafety has now grown into a multi-component system, including:

  1. Active vaccine safety surveillance 
  2. Adverse Events Following Immunisation-Clinical Assessment Network (AEFI-CAN) 
  3. Vaccine safety in primary healthcare data. 

AusVaxSafety is a collaboration between immunisation providers, private enterprise, research institutions, state and territory governments and the Australian Government Department of Health, which has significantly improved Australia’s ability to monitor, detect and respond to vaccine safety events.

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