Updates on Influenza vaccine supply

27 April 2020

Late last week communication was sent to GPs and AMS to advise that all influenza vaccine orders for persons aged five years to 64 years who are Aboriginal, medically at risk or pregnant placed from 22 April onwards are now in back order.

Orders will be filled when more influenza vaccine stock becomes available in June 2020.

Orders for persons aged 65 years and over are also temporarily out of stock. Orders placed from 22 April are in back order but will be filled when more stock is available at the end of next week i.e. 1 May 2020.

There has been unprecedented demand for influenza vaccine early in the season. Of the 2.6 million doses ordered for the 2020 season, more than 2.1 million doses have been distributed since 30 March 2020, compared to 1 million doses distributed at the same time in 2019.

Influenza activity in NSW remains low and there is still time to get vaccinated. The recommended timing for influenza vaccination is three to four months before peak flu season, generally June to September.

Orders placed for children six months to less than five years are not affected and will be delivered as per normal. However, to preserve supply, the total number of doses available per order has been reduced.

To assist people in the community seeking influenza vaccination, a list of providers with available vaccine supply is available on the NSW Health seasonal influenza vaccination 2020 webpage.

Further updates will be provided on the NSW State Vaccine Centre online vaccine ordering website and via email/fax when stock becomes available.


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