Technology delivers social distancing for healthcare in fight against COVID-19

13 April 2020

After the important role My Health Record has played in large scale crises such as the Queensland floods and the recent bushfires, where pharmacists and hospital staff have relied on information in the My Health Record to provide care, the development of other technology such as telehealth and electronic prescribing (EP) is poised to further help Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the Australian Government’s National Health Plan for COVID-19, electronic prescriptions are now being fast-tracked to allow patients to receive vital healthcare services while maintaining physical distancing and, where necessary, isolation. The solution will see a unique QR barcode 'token' sent via an app, SMS or email to the patient, allowing them convenient access to their medicines while lessening the risk of infection being spread in general practices and community pharmacies. 

Read the media release here.