Revision of antenatal scheduled visits for RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital - COVID-19

3 April 2020

Bookings and first hospital appointment

RPA Women and Babies

  • All women must book their first hospital “booking in” appointment on-line, regardless of risk
  • All women must have a completed Obstetric Referral Form /referral letter from their GP to commence antenatal care. All relevant clinical information must be noted for triage by antenatal clinic
  • Change in process: Both routine and high-risk referral forms + relevant bloods, U/S results are to be FAXED to antenatal clinic (9515 3454) prior to first hospital appointment. These appointments are now conducted via teleconferencing.  

Canterbury Hospital

  • All women must book their first hospital “booking-in” appointment ph. 9787 0250 or ph. 9787 0560
  • All women must have a completed Obstetric Referral Form /referral letter from their GP to commence antenatal care. All relevant clinical information must be noted for triage by antenatal clinic
  • No change in process: Low risk women for routine referral must bring Obstetric Referral Form + relevant bloods, U/S results to first hospital visit. Currently, these visits are continuing as face- to- face.
  • High risk women for early or urgent referral should have Obstetric Referral Form FAXED to antenatal clinic (9787 0431) for triage

Consumer information

Importance of monitoring fetal movements
With reduce face- to- face antenatal visits, it is important for women to get to know the pattern of their baby’s movement. Women should be informed to contact the hospital immediately if they have any concerns.

Below are some resources available for both health professionals and consumers

Looking after perinatal mental health
There are a number consumer resources and services to support perinatal mental health

  • Click here for a list of on-line support services to keep new parents connected
  • Click here for PANDA Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Support ph 1300 726 306
  • Tresillian PND groups. These groups will be held as virtual groups (telehealth)

Parenting Support

Various parenting support services available

Karitane Services

  • Kartiane have transitioned all their services to be delivered using Telehealth
  • Parents can now self-refer. Click here to complete referral form

Tresillian Services

  • Parents can now self-refer. Click here for further information

Available online learning options for health professionals
Wishing to complete some on-line learning to update skills and knowledge around antenatal and postnatal care?  Click here to view available on-line modules covering these topics.

Service Updates

Antenatal Thyroid Services (RPA Hospital)
Effective from 30/3/2020

In order to minimise the number of visits and time spent in hospital, all consultations will be provided by telecommunication only.

Please refer to the following online resources to guide clinical management:

  • Click here for Flowchart ANSC (referral criteria)
  • Click here for Sydney Community HealthPathways - Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy

If there are any clinical concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either Dr Ash Gargya or Julie Hetherington in the Endocrinology and Metabolism Centre on ph. 9515 7225.

Gynaecology services (RPA Hospital)

RPA have restricted their gynaecology ambulatory activities further.
Effective from 30/03/20:

  • Monday and Wednesday semi urgent/urgent gynaecology clinics will be stopped.
  • Urgent gynaecology patients will be seen in parallel with EPAS clinic daily. Maximum number should not exceed five.
  • All IVF procedures will be stopped and consultations provided via telecommunication only
  • MESH clinic will provide consultations via telecommunication only.

SLHD Child and Family Health Services

Child and Family Health nurses are continuing to offer families a service as follows:

  • Telephone calls where appropriate
  • Telehealth via zoom
  • Clinic appointments where clinically indicated.
  • Home visits where there is no other option – initial phone call and a short home visit to complete developmental checks
  • Breast Feeding Support clinic appointments – bookings via Child Health Information Link (CHIL) 9562 5400
  • Linking parents via social media where consent has been given
  • Proposed trial of virtual parent groups via zoom
  • Child Health Information Link (CHIL) continues to operate ph 9562 5400 for appointment bookings and offer telephone advice.