New PSS/PICS referral form is live!

16 March 2020

As of 16 March 2020 the new PSS/PICS online referral form has gone live

Due to the aging technology of faxing referrals, we highly encourage you use the online form. Please note this form is equivalent to a MHTP, there is no need to attach a separate MHTP with the new form and it can be remunerated.

You may notice eight new domain questions which come directly from the Department of Health decision support tool as part of the National Initial, Assessment and Referral project (IAR).

CESPHN has been chosen to be part of the research trial of the IAR project. Please consider asking your patients to be part of this project by discussing consent for de-identified information to be sent to researchers from the University of Melbourne to evaluate this project. This consent is built into the new online form. Please print the information sheet to hand out to patients.

Click here for the referral form