Pharmacist vaccination audits

 11 March 2020

NSW Health will soon commence random audits of pharmacists and pharmacies that provide vaccination services.

A random selection of NSW pharmacies will be audited for compliance with the NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards. A vaccination auditor has been appointed under the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 to carry out the audit.

The auditor will advise pharmacy owners and vaccinating pharmacists about the outcome of the audit and will provide a report outlining recommended actions, including the process for addressing any major or critical issues identified.

Community pharmacies providing Pharmacist Vaccination services must comply with the NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards.

The audits are assessing:

  • appropriate vaccination training,
  • correct vaccination procedures,
  • appropriate vaccination environment and equipment, and
  • appropriate record keeping of vaccinations.

Issues of non-compliance with the Standards may result in serious consequences for pharmacists and pharmacy owners, including referral to NSW Health or the Pharmacy Council of NSW for consideration of further action.

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