More pathology labs connecting to My Health Record

9 March 2020

Australian Clinical Labs, Capital Pathology, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Hobart Pathology, Launceston Pathology, North West Pathology and Southern IML Pathology are able to send pathology reports to the My Health Record when they receive an eOrder from practice management software (PMS).

Medical practices looking to get ready for their patient pathology reports going to My Health Record should follow the steps below:

Step 1
Ensure you are using one of the following PMS software versions:



Australian Clinical Labs

Sonic Healthcare Labs

Best Practice

1.8.8 and later

Lava SP3 and later

MedicalDirector Clinical

3.0 and later

3.17.2 and later


6.0 and later



22.0 and later



Step 2
Connect with My Health Record system if not already participating. Some pathology labs need the patients’ individual healthcare identifiers (IHIs) from their practice software to be able to upload pathology reports to My Health Record. Doctors will need to have eOrders enabled for this to apply. Contact the lab if eOrders need to be enabled in their PMS.

Step 3

Contact the lab to initiate uploading of pathology reports to the My Health Record system for their patients. 

Laboratory contact details

Australian Clinical Labs – 1300 669 961 
Capital Pathology – 02 6285 9805 
Hobart Pathology – 03 6332 0503 
Launceston Pathology – 03 6332 0503 
Melbourne Pathology – 03 9287 7731 
North West Pathology – 03 6332 0503 
Southern IML Pathology – 02 4224 7435
Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology – 1800 100 769 

Click here to access the My Health Record website for further information