Are you referring women to RPA Women and Babies for antenatal care ?

 28 February 2020

As with any referral to a specialist service, GPs referring women for antenatal care and delivery at RPA Women and Babies need to ensure they complete the Obstetric Referral form/letter and include all relevant documentation.

The hospital currently has concerns regarding: 

  • Women identified with risk factors not being referred timely to the antenatal clinic (ANC) for triage;
  • Routine/low risk women presenting for their first hospital visit without a completed referral form/letter; 
  • Women being referred to hospital > 20 weeks gestation for their first hospital appointment.


  • All urgent/high risk referrals should be faxed to ANC or uploaded onto the hospital booking site detailing all clinical information and reason for referral;
  • Low risk/routine women should bring completed referral form/letter with them to their first hospital appointment; 
  • Women should be booking first hospital appointment on-line ASAP to ensure it is scheduled  ~ 12-14 weeks gestation.

Click here for detailed hospital booking in information

You can also access Sydney Community Health Pathways: First antenatal consult or Routine antenatal assessment