New Psychiatry Support Line webinar is available: Psychosis and Schizophrenia

21 February 2020

The Psychiatry Support Line is a free service for GPs who require psychiatry advice on the phone or via secure messaging. GPs can use it any time from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. 

Almost half of Australians (45 per cent) will experience a mental health illness in their lifetime. Psychotic conditions may have lower prevalence, but the consequences are quite severe. Psychotic illnesses are characterised by fundamental distortions of thinking, perception and emotional response and include schizophrenia. In 2010 a national survey found that there were approximately 64,000 people aged 18–64 in Australia living with a psychotic illness and who are in contact with public specialised mental health services each year. The most frequently recorded illness was schizophrenia which accounted for almost half of all diagnoses (47 per cent).

The fourth in the webinar series will help GPs:

  • Summarise the diagnosis and management of a psychotic illness.
  • Recognise the symptomatology associated with schizophrenia and how it commonly presents at various stages of the condition.
  • Enhance their general understanding of various medications and their effects.
  • Evaluate the use of assessment tools and other resources in assessing cognitive functioning.


These webinars are prerecorded video activities, with a brief quiz to confirm learning. Participation takes approximately 60 minutes and GPs can self-report for CPD points.  You can also undertake the activity as part of ACRRM professional development points.

This presentation features Dr Ullrich Schall and Associate Professor Martin Cohen, leading psychiatrists both in the Newcastle/Hunter region and internationally.

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