Check your patients’ immunisation status before travel


17 February 2020

Because of ongoing measles outbreaks, immunisation providers are encouraged to review their patients' immunisation history, especially if they are planning to travel in 2020. 

Providers need to consider the traveller’s health, age, lifestyle, occupation, previous vaccinations, travel itinerary and intended activities.

Australian Immunisation Handbook (AIH)

The online Australian Immunisation Handbook has a dedicated “Vaccination for international travellers” section to assist providers.

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

Patients’ immunisation history can be accessed via the online Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). All immunisation providers have access to AIR via PRODA (Provider Digital Access).

Register for PRODA

Immunisation providers who do not yet have a PRODA account, please see information sheet: How to register for a PRODA account. From 30 June 2020 AIR access will only be available via PRODA.

For assistance, contact the Immunisation Team at CESPHN on 1300 986 991 (option 4).