Updated My Health Record statistics

13 January 2020

The Australian Digital Health Agency published updated statistics on 16 December 2019 demonstrating and providing more insight as to how the My Health Record system is being used by consumers and healthcare providers:

  • Pharmacies are currently the biggest contributors to the system, uploading over four million documents every month with GPs also adding between two and three million documents every month.
  • There has been a 140 per cent growth of healthcare providers sharing and collaborating on patient information, with both viewing and uploading information close to equal.
  • GPs are the highest users of the system, accessing documents uploaded by other GPs and healthcare providers to inform their clinical decision-making.
  • The number of My Health Records containing Medicare, clinical or medicine documents has more than doubled since January (5.39 million), now more than 12.5 million have documents in them - typically following an interaction with a healthcare provider.
  • Over 1.6 billion documents have been uploaded to My Health Records, including over 40 million clinical documents and 90 million medicine documents. More than 679 million of these have been uploaded in the last nine months alone.
  • Around 90 per cent of public hospital beds, general practices and pharmacies are now registered to use My Health Record, with around 70 per cent uploading or viewing documents.
  • There are also over 6 million records with immunisation information and more than 1.2 million records with organ donor register information.

The Agency's My Health Record statistics will be published on the My Health Record website regularly.