Immunisation providers reminded to record all adult vaccines on the Australian Immunisation Register

16 December 2019


All adult vaccines including flu vaccine are required to be recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). A new NCIRS report highlighted the need for providers to improve completeness of reporting adult vaccination data to AIR.

In October 2016 the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) became the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), a national register of vaccination records given to people of all ages.

It is the role of the vaccination provider (including GPs, immunisation nurses and pharmacists) to record all adult vaccines administered on the AIR.

When ordering Government funded vaccines, it is a requirement that each vaccine dose administered in the practice will be notified to the Australian Immunisation Register.

The NCIRS report showed that central and eastern Sydney ranked second last out of the 31 PHNs in 2019 for the recorded uptake of Fluad (influenza for 65+) and Zostavax (see page 29-31).

Why you should record immunisation details

The data recorded in the AIR supports and informs the way we manage public health. Accurate and up-to-date AIR data can:

  • help inform public health management and research of vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • monitor vaccination coverage in Australia and help identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks.
  • allow patients to use their AIR records to prove they’re immunised.

The Immunisation Team at CESPHN can provide training on timely and effective reporting to AIR to improve AIR data completeness at your practice. Contact us at

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