Vaccine safety in Australia: AusVaxSafety summary report 2018

25 November 2019

AusVaxSafety is a national system for monitoring vaccine safety in Australia. Results confirm that vaccines in the National Immunisation Program are very safe.

The latest annual report summarises information about responses following vaccination in:

  • pregnant women
  • adolescents
  • children at each schedule point (two, four, six, 12 and 18 months, and four years)

The report includes infographics providing a visual representation of the number of people receiving vaccines who responded to an SMS about their health, or their child’s health, a few days after scheduled vaccination.

The infographic shows the percentage of reported adverse events, reported non events, the percentage of those who went to a doctor or emergency department in the days after vaccination, the most commonly reported events for those who reported one or more adverse events. The infographic also displays the vaccines given at each schedule point in 2018 and what diseases the vaccines protect against. 

Download the full AusVaxSafety summary report 2018.