New MBS items - eating disorders

18 November 2019


From 1 November 2019, a new suite of 64 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items were introduced to support a model of best practice evidence based care for patients with anorexia nervosa and other eligible patients with eating disorders.

The listing of these new items is a result of recommendations in 2018 by the independent clinician-led Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce and the Australian Government’s response to those recommendations.

This new item structure means eligible patients will be able to receive a Medicare rebate when eligible providers undertake the development of an eating disorder treatment and management plan or a review which will activate:

  • a course of evidence based eating disorder psychological treatment services (up to a total of 40 psychological services in a 12 month period); and
  • up to 20 dietetic services, in a 12 month period, depending on their treatment needs.

It is intended that the MBS services will be provided by practitioners with the knowledge, skills and experience in providing treatment to patients with eating disorders.

Treatment provided under the Eating Disorder Psychological Treatment items are limited to the defined list of evidence based eating disorder specific treatments.

Patients who do not fit the eligibility criteria for the MBS Eating Disorders Treatment Pathway may be eligible for treatment under the Better Access to Mental Health treatment pathway.

There will be an evaluation of the new items after 12 months to assess if the items are operating as intended for patients, providers and the Government.

A word and PDF version of the template EDP can be found on our templates page of the CESPHN website. A template for Best Practice and Medical Director is currently being developed.

Please see here for more information from MBS Online – Factsheet, FAQ's and Quick Reference Guide.

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