Assistance for GPs completing a QI Activity

4 November 2019


GPs have the opportunity to engage and complete from the suite of Quality Improvement Activities:

  • Clinical Audit
  • PLAN (Planning, Need and Learning)
  • Small Group Learning (SGL)
  • Evidence-based medical journal club (EBMJC)
  • Supervised Clinical Attachment (SCA)
  • General Practice Research
    • All of the above and Category 1 Activities and on completion will receive 40 Category 1 CPD points

Alternatively GPs can complete a Quality Improvement Reflection on an Active Learning Module (ALM) or any other Category 1 activity that is not listed above within the 2017-19 triennium and recorded on their credit point statement. To do this GPs can complete pdf QI Reflection form (523 KB) .

Recently RACGP sent communications to NSW/ACT GPs who are yet to complete this requirement.

Did you know you can reflect on any one of your Category One activities recorded against your current credit point statement to fulfil your Quality Improvement Requirement.

All you need to do is select at least one Category One activity you feel has encouraged you to improve or change the way you practice and reflect on the following questions in the QI reflection form:

  • Outline why you have identified the Category 1 activity as effecting quality improvement in your workplace
  • Identify what changes have been implemented to improve patient health outcomes 
  • Describe how you will measure and maintain the improvement in your workplace over time

The Quality Improvement Reflection form is also available online by visiting myCPD submit a Self-Directed Activity  (search QI reflection). This provides 5 Category 2 points towards your 2017-9 triennium CPD requirements.

Find instructions below:

Go to:

Log in with your username and password.

  • Select ‘myCPD’
  • Select ‘Submit a self-directed activity’
  • Select: Quality Improvement Reflection
  • Complete answers and submit

Alternatively, download and complete the pdf form (523 KB) and return by email to or fax 02 9886 4790. If you choose to send paper based forms, please allow two weeks for the processing.