Survey: Current management of venous thrombosis in the community

14 October 2019

Do you manage patients with venous clots?

Has your anticoagulation practice changed since the introduction of new oral anticoagulants?

Then this survey needs your feedback!

This study aims to understand common practices in the management of venous thromboembolism in the community including first-line treatment, duration of treatment, and reasons for referral to Specialist Thrombosis Clinics or Emergency departments.

The questionnaire requires five minutes to be completed.

This study is being coordinated by the Haematology Departments of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Dr Freda Passam, Dr Scott Dunkley), Concord Repatriation General Hospital (Dr Vivien Chen) and the University of Sydney.

Please click here to access the survey and enter code: 9NPTMC44N

If you would like to enquire more information about this study, please contact:

Dr Freda Passam, Clinical Academic Haematologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Heart Research Institute, University of Sydney

8627 7492,