Can infants younger than six months of age receive MMR vaccines?

14 October 2019

All children are recommended to receive two doses of measles-containing vaccine:

  • First dose of measles-containing vaccine (MMR vaccine) is recommended at 12 months of age 
  • Second dose of measles-containing vaccine (MMRV vaccine) is recommended at 18 months of age 

Travellers aged <12 months

Infants travelling to countries where measles is endemic or where measles outbreaks are occurring, may receive an early dose of measles-containing vaccine from six months of age, after an individualrisk assessment.

Infants less than six months of age may have residual maternally derived antibodies to measles that temporarily persist, however parents should consider deferring travel to endemic countries until infant can receive a dose of measles-containing vaccine from six months of age.

Contact the Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 or the NSW Specialist Immunisation Service (NSWISS) on 1800 679 477 for further informationNote that NSWISS are unable to write letters for parents endorsing children younger than six months to get vaccinated.

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