NCIRS Immunisation schedules

4 October 2019

Adult schedule 

The NCIRS adult immunisation schedulesummarisesimmunisation recommendations for adults in Australia. It includes vaccines that are funded for adults under the NIP as well as other recommendations(not funded) for adults in accordance with The Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Adults may require additional doses of certain vaccines to what is outlined in this schedule if they did not receive adequate vaccine doses during their childhood (either as a result of certain vaccines not being available at that time or due to later schedule changes).

Childhood schedule

The NCIRS childhood immunisation schedulesummarisesimmunisation recommendations for infants, children and adolescents in Australia. It includes childhood vaccinations funded under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) as well as other recommendations(not funded) for children in accordance with The Australian Immunisation Handbook

NSW immunisationschedule 

Occasionally, the ages at which some NIP vaccines are administered and the brand of vaccine used will vary among states and territories. Therefore it is important to refer to the NSW immunisation schedule (April 2019).

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