Obstetric Referral Form (RPA Women and Babies)

1 October 2019

Please be reminded that the Obstetric Referral Form should only be faxed to the antenatal clinic (ANC) for women with identifiable risk factors and/or high risk and require an early hospital review.

Women that are low risk or routine referrals should bring the completed Obstetric Referral Form with them to their first hospital appointment.

The antenatal clinic has been receiving numerous faxed obstetric referral forms for routine/low risk referrals which is time-consuming and unnecessary for midwife staff to review and delaying triage of high-risk patients.  

If you are uncertain or need clarification as to whether a women has identifiable risks factors and requires early review, please seek advice from Clare Jordan GP Liaison Midwife on 0425 230 661 or O&G Registrar (page 9515 6111).  

To assist with clarification of risk, you may wish to view the National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral which provides a guide for risk selection. These are the guidelines followed by the hospital midwives when triaging a woman at her first hospital visit and her chosen model of care.

If you are referring a woman for an early or high risk pregnancy review, please ensure the adequate clinical information is documented on referral.