Early pregnancy care? How to ensure you are providing up-to-date support and care

26 August 2019


Most women will see a general practitioner to confirm their pregnancy. It is therefore important that all GPs, whether participating on a hospital GP ANSC program or not, are aware of current practice regarding early pregnancy care, available models of antenatal care and hospital booking in processes.

Ideally women should be having their hospital booking in appointment scheduled for ~ 12- 14 weeks gestation. Early antenatal care allows assessment of any conditions that may affect the pregnancy or the woman’s health and social and emotional wellbeing as well as an opportunity to discuss the woman’s preference for how her antenatal care is provided.

All GPs should familiarize themselves with Healthpathways “First antenatal consult” which provides comprehensive information and navigation regarding early pregnancy care and hospital booking in processes. Viewing this pathway will ensure you are providing the most up to date care for your patient.

For women planning delivery at:

Only GPs actively participating on a hospital GP ANSC program will continue to provide collaborative antenatal care with a relevant hospital throughout a woman’s pregnancy upon assessment of risk factors and the woman’s wishes.

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