Quality Improvement PIP – are you ready?

22 July 2019

The introduction of the new Quality Improvement Practice Incentives Program from 1 August 2019 provides a significant opportunity for accredited practices in Australia to be involved in a range of quality improvement programs, particularly around the management of chronic conditions, making use of their own practice data. 

To be eligible to participate in the new Quality Improvement PIP (PIP QI) general practices must be accredited and sharing data through PENcat or POLAR with Central and Eastern Sydney PHN.

Registrations for the PIP QI incentive are required online via PRODA and available from 1 August.

If you don’t have an active PRODA account or need help in setting it up, instructions on PRODA and PIP set up for your practice is available on our website here.

CESPHN is committed to assisting our local practices to take on the new Quality Improvement PIP initiative and will be holding a series of information sessions July through to September for you to attend. For information on dates and how to register, please see the attached flyer.

For further information or enquiries on PIP QI, please email us at pipqi@cesphn.com.au