Sequential Postnatal Depression and Circle of Security Group

8 July 2019

This group is designed to support mothers with postnatal depression and anxiety and their families. Following directly on with the COS–P Group that includes partners, the program increases parents’ understanding of their child’s emotional needs that further positively impacts postnatal depression and anxiety.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Women in the postnatal period up to 12 months
  • Women who are experiencing postnatal depression and/or anxiety of a non-acute nature
  • Women who reside or work in the central and eastern Sydney region

How long is this program?

12 weeks: eight core PND Group sessions (Tuesdays), followed by four Circle of Security Parenting Group Sessions (Saturdays).

Who can make referral to the group?

  • local child and family health nurse
  • Tresillian health professional
  • PSS Mental Health Professionals

For online referral link:

Free childcare available.

For further enquiries about this Sequential Postnatal Depression and Circle of Security Group please e-mail:

This group is funded through Central and Eastern Sydney PHN Psychological Support Services (PSS) Program.