ANSC June Update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital


Arranging GP ANSC visit after 18-19 week morphology scan - RPA Women and Babies  

For women attending RPA Women and Babies for their 18-19 week morphology scan, please ensure they arrange their routine 20-22 week GP antenatal visit at least ~ 10 days following the morphology scan to allow for reporting and faxing of results to GP.

Please inform your patients (and practice staff) they should allow a minimum of ~10 days between attending their morphology scan and returning for their 20-22 week routine antenatal appointment.

Timing of pertussis vaccination updated

Please note that the timing for pertussis vaccination during pregnancy has been updated.

The optimal timing for vaccination is 20 to 32 weeks gestation (mid 2nd trimester to early 3rd trimester)

  • Pregnant women are recommended to receive a single dose of pertussis-containing vaccine in each pregnancy
  • Women who recently gave birth and did not received pertussis-containing vaccine during pregnancy are recommended to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.1

Women undertaking GP ANSC should receive the vaccination at the relevant routine antenatal visit.

Vaccinations are not routinely given at a hospital review/visit.

References and further information

1. Immunisation Handbook – Whooping Cough

2. NSW Health : Immunisation for newborns

3. Immunisation Handbook- Vaccinations for special risk groups


Referrals for early or urgent referrals – Triage by antenatal clinic

For women with identifiable risk factors and require an early/urgent review, they should be referred to the relevant hospital antenatal clinic (ANC) for triage. The relevant hospital Obstetric Referral Form should be completed with adequate clinical details and faxed to the ANC.

These details must include:

▪ Reason for referral

▪ Weeks gestation /EDB - to assist with triage urgency

▪ Parity and previous obstetric history

▪ Gynaecological disorders

▪ Medical conditions including treatment, medications, specialists (name and location) and attach any recent specialist letters

▪ Any other issues

The ANC serves as the centralised intake for a number of specialist hospital clinics. You do not need to refer to these directly as the ANC will refer onto the appropriate specialist clinic (s) as required. This now includes the RPA Antenatal Diabetes Clinic.

The only clinics that now take direct referrals are the RPAH Antenatal Thyroid Clinic and RPAH Genetics Clinic. If making a direct referral to these services, you are still required to complete and fax the Obstetric Referral Form to the ANC, informing them that you have directly referred a woman to either of these services. This is to ensure these women commence their antenatal care within the ANC.


HealthPathways Sydney – Significant updates to Antenatal pathways

Over the past few months, the HealthPathways Sydney team have been working closely with antenatal departments at both Canterbury and RPA to update their antenatal suite of pathways. Users will notice several recent changes, including:

  • A significantly revised version of the “Antenatal First Consults” pathway; which remains our top viewed clinical pathway to date. 
  • A revised “Routine Antenatal Care Assessment” pathway replacing the former “Non-urgent Antenatal Care Assessment” pathway. The referral process into the Antenatal clinic has been streamlined and clarified, particularly when it comes to high risk referrals and the specialised sub-clinics within RPA Women and Babies.
  • A new pathway – “Antenatal – Second and Third Trimester Care” designed to complementthe “Antenatal First Consults” pathway, based on the ANSC protocol of visits.
  • Splitting the “Preconception and Pregnancy Assessment Services” pathway into“Preconception Specialist Assessment” with the remaining pregnancy assessment serviceslisted on the “Ultrasound – Obstetric and Gynaecological” and “Routine Antenatal Care”referral pages.
  • A new referral pathway – “Obstetric and Maternity Advice”

Click here to explore the new and revised pathways. As always, the HealthPathways Sydney welcomes any feedback or queries that you may have by using the “Send Feedback” feature available on all pathways.


Obstetric Referral Forms

Please note that both RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital have a generic Obstetric Referral Forms that are required to be completed to refer women for antenatal care at relevant hospital. The forms are available as PDF and templates for BP & MD.

RPA Women and Babies: PDF, MD, BP

Canterbury Hospital: PDF, MD, BP

Low risk referrals: Woman are required to bring the completed Obstetric Referral Form with them to their first hospital appointment.

High risk/urgent referrals: GPs are required to fax the Obstetric Referral Form to the relevant hospital antenatal clinic (ANC). The ANC will triage referral and allocate appropriate clinic and timing.

NB. This is a standardised referral form and is not a hospital “booking in” form. All woman are required to arrange their first hospital appointment. For Canterbury Hospital ph 9787 0250/ 9787 0560 and RPA Women and Babies complete online booking in form.


First hospital visit and booking bloods request

GPs need to ensure women have arranged their first hospital appointment for ~ 12-14 weeks gestation as per ANSC protocol. Women attending Canterbury Hospital ph 9787 0250/ 9787 0560 and RPA Women and Babies complete online booking form.

Women are advised to bring hard copy results of their “booking bloods” to their first hospital visit. Providing hard copies of these results saves time for the midwives if they need to be finding results that may have been sent earlier.


RPA Fetal Medicine Ultrasound department – Processes for contacting FMU

The Fetal Medicine Ultrasound Department has acknowledged that there have been difficulties in contacting the Department in recent times . This has been due to a combination of large volumes of enquiries and staff shortages. They apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused GPs and their patients. 

To help alleviate any problems with contacting the department, GPs and (patients) can contact the department via email : or  Please note that this email address is on the pdf new referral form (497 KB)  which should be completed for all referrals.  For copies of the referral pads for your practice, please contact Clare Jordan ph 0425 230 662

For high risk results only, GPs can page FMU # 81414  ( via switch 9515 6111) . Note this pager is only for GPs not patients