The implementation of an inter-professional shared decision making intervention for older adults with polypharmacy in the context of Home Medicines Review: a pilot study

12 June 2019

Researchers in the School of Public Health at Sydney University are studying polypharmacy in the older population with the aim to develop strategies to increase patient involvement in decision making about their medicines.  

They have developed the Medicine Conversation Guide to be used by a pharmacist in as part of their Home Medicines Review (HMR) with older people experiencing polypharmacy. The Guide is designed to facilitate a discussion around medications and what’s important to the patient in a structured format.

The researchers are seeking:

  • GPs who would be willing to refer patients for HMR including the Guide, and after receiving the pharmacist’s report, be involved in a short interview with one of our researchers (30 minutes total).
  • Accredited pharmacists who would be willing to use the Guide in their usual HMRs and then participate in a short interview (approximately 30 minutes) with one of the researchers.

Participants will be offered either a Coles or Westfield voucher as reimbursement for their time.

If you’re interested please contact either: