Improve mental wellbeing by getting active: Mood Active offer FREE exercise programs in Rockdale 

12 June 2019

Mood Active, a charity association, are continuing to offer FREE programs in Rockdale designed to help individuals improve mental health through exercise. The program will continue to run until July 2019, with the third and final "4 Week Wellbeing Workout" starting Friday 28th June, each session is 2.5 hrs with motivation/resilience strategies and a 60 mins exercise class.  An ongoing "8 Week Program" involves three exercise classes a week to help start and maintain consistent exercise.

Testimonies from current Rockdale participants say: "It's rare to find any programme in using exercise" and that it is "a supportive group environment where I learnt my challenges were similar to others".

For eligibility, or to book in, please refer to website:, email or call 0412 190 842.