PRODA – you can’t get by without it!

7 June 2019

PRODA is an online authentication system providers use to securely access government online services such as HPOS.


Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) is a fast and secure way for health professionals and administrators to do business with Human Services.

In the past, some practices would use HPOS actively, some would not. They had the option to be involved or not. NOW practices will have to start using HPOS to do their business as more and more services will only be available via HPOS and the only secure way to access HPOS will be via a PRODA account.

Everybody should have their own log for PRODA:

  • Using a two-step verification process, you only need a username and password and access to a personal mobile phone or email account.
  • To access online servicesusing PRODA, you need to register as an individual to get your own account.

Why do I need a PRODA account?

  1. Applying for new PIP QI:

The new PIP QI is to commence on 1 August 2019. Applying for this incentive will only be through HPOS via your PRODA account.

  1. ePIP and NASH – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates:

You used to be able to use PKI certificates to access HPOS. You will now need to use a PRODA account instead. This is a more secure way to access digital services. When your PKI individual certificate expires, it won’t be renewed. Human Services will send you a letter to remind you about this. Once your certificate has expired, you will need to use your PRODA account or create one to access HPOS.

  1. Access to AIR:

In the near future access to AIR will be through HPOS via PRODA only. In particular, GPs will be the first that will need a PRODA account to access AIR.

  1. MBS Item number eligibility:

Post 1 July 2019, receptionists and staff will not be able to call Medicare for MBS item number eligibility. If your receptionist and/or practice nurse has access to HPOS via PRODA, they will be able to check this online eg: checking if you can bill a 721 or 2715 for your patient on the day. This will certainly help in exceptions and rejections.

  1. Managing PIP online

This option is still available in paper version, but it is so much easier to submit your yearly confirmation statement or (quarterly confirmation for PNIP) with one click through HPOS via your PRODA account.

For more information on PRODA and how to create an account, go to

If you would like support on setting PRODA up in your practice, please contact the Digital Health Team at or your Practice Support officer at