Tamiflu or Relenza treatment for influenza

6 June 2019

The annual influenza season has begun earlier than usual and influenza activity is high across NSW.

NSW Health is urging GPs to continue to vaccinate high-risk patients, including young children, pregnant women, Aboriginal people, those with chronic medical conditions and all people aged 65 years and over.

NSW Health is advising that antiviral treatment should be considered for all patients with confirmed or suspected influenza at increased risk of complications. The following recommendations have been made by NSW Health:

  • Antiviral treatment (with Tamiflu or Relenza) is recommended for pregnant women with suspected influenza and should be considered for other people with a clinical or laboratory diagnosis of influenza who are at increased risk of influenza complications. Treatment should be started as soon as possible and not be delayed for test results.
  • Consider antiviral treatment for other patients with confirmed or suspected influenza if treatment can be started within 48 hours of onset, particularly those who have household contacts at higher risk of influenza complications.
  • Regardless of duration of symptoms, offer treatment to patients with influenza and established complications, those who need hospital admission, and those with moderate-severity or high-severity community-acquired pneumonia during the influenza.

Refer to the Therapeutic Guidelines for detailed advice. Consult the product information for additional guidance, including dosage adjustment in renal impairment and for children (Tamiflu), and precautions for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma (Relenza).

Further information: