Best Practice Software error message when transmitting to AIR

6 June 2019

A number of practices using Best Practice Software are receiving an error message when transmitting immunisation records to AIR. This may be due to the client address details registered in Best Practice not meeting the current requirements for transmission to AIR e.g. State code in locality field – Sydney NSW.

This seems to be impacting immunisation records for older individuals receiving flu or other vaccinations, who are normally bulk-billed for their Medicare consultation, and haven’t had recent immunisation encounters transferred to AIR.  When immunisation records are transmitted to AIR the current address validation process needs to be met.

Best Practice Software Support has developed an SQL Query to assist users in identifying which client details need to be rectified. Practices are encouraged to contact Best Practice for assistance in running this query on their database.  In the interim, practices can check the demographic details of all patients receiving an immunisation encounter to ensure they are in the correct fields before transmitting to AIR.

Best practice contact details: 1300 401 111 or