Tips for recording BMI from the Caritas Practice

20 May 2019

Dr Tarun Chauhan and Sarandha Chauhan from Caritas Practice would like to share their ideas.

"Noting the importance of BMI to our wholistic identification of health issues and management of patients, I found, based on research, that we are not very good at identifying patients who need intervention with their weight by just eyeballing them.

A simple strategy I have is that my scales are placed in a very visible part of my room and patients often wish to utilise those shiny scales. I make it clear it is just part of the picture and certainly not the enemy, as many patients can certainly feel worried about "stepping up". Encouragement is always the key and by just measuring, it keeps many patients motivated to keep up efforts with regard to nutrition and exercise. Even maintenance of weight is a key goal to achieve instead of travelling further north.

Over time, both I and many of our patients are quite habituated towards checking their weight just like they would a blood pressure. This may account for our relative success in recording the BMI for our patients."

This simple method improved their percentage of BMIs recorded from 38.39 per cent to 41.56 per cent in six months. Congratulations to all the team at Caritas.

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