Asthma Australia update

20 May 2019

Have you seen the updated Asthma Guidelines for Health Professionals?

Asthma Australia (AA) is pleased to welcome the first update to the Australian Asthma Handbook by the National Asthma Council Australia.

The Australian Asthma Handbook sets the best practice guidelines for primary healthcare professionals to diagnose and manage asthma.

The updated Handbook includes a major update of evidence and advice on:

  • Managing asthma in children
  • Acute asthma
  • Management challenges (previously known as troubleshooting)
  • Primary prevention

It also includes updates on latest treatment options for patients with severe asthma and advice on inhaler technique for people with asthma or COPD.

This update is a step towards achieving a more comprehensive model of care for 2.7 million Australians with asthma.

You can view a summary of the revisions here.

For more information about how Asthma Australia can support you to better manage patients with asthma, see Asthma Australia’s Patient Education Referral Service and Asthma Connect below.

Refer your patients to Asthma Australia’s COACH Program for support now

The COACH Program® is a confidential, free health coaching service delivered over the phone by Asthma Coaches to help people with asthma, or those who care for someone with asthma, to learn about how to take better care of their health.

To refer, simply download a template, add the patient details, and send via secure message. An asthma coach will call your patient within a week of receiving the referral. A summary report of the call will be sent to the patient, referrer and their GP.

Access the templates and read more about our Patient Education Referral Service or click here to refer now.

Be Winter well with asthma

Many people experience an increase in asthma symptoms and find their asthma harder to control during Winter. Asthma Australia has developed a range of resources on our website to help people with asthma to be Winter well, including a checklist to better manage asthma during this season.

Asthma Connect

For ongoing asthma management information, patient education strategy, resources and research, sign up to Asthma Connect to receive the Asthma Link e-newsletter and regular updates keeping you informed about asthma research, conference and training opportunities, new resources and tools. Click here to complete the registration form.