PIP and Annual Confirmation Statements – don’t forget to return!

14 May 2019

In May each year Human Services will send an annual confirmation statement to practices participating in the PIP.

Practices need to complete their annual confirmation statement before PIP payments can be released.

Confirmation statements are sent through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) or mail, to all approved practices, unless approved during the payment quarter. Practices should get their confirmation statement by the end of May each year. If you haven’t got it by the due date, call the Incentive Programs enquiry line.

Practices need to confirm their details, including any changes in practice arrangements, in the confirmation statement to get their payment.

An authorised contact person or practice owner must complete the confirmation statement.

There are two ways practices can confirm their confirmation statements, including any changes to practice arrangements:

  • through HPOS by 31 July, or
  • by faxing the completed statement and changes to practice arrangements to Incentive Programs for manual processing by 24 July

Practice’s payments will be withheld if a practice does not return a fully completed confirmation statement by the point in time. Payments will continue to be withheld until the confirmation statement has been returned. The confirmation statement will be assessed for payment when received by Human Services.

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