Just Checking: Bowel, breast and cervical screening

23 April 2019


Cervical, breast and bowel screening is important for all people, but we know that people with intellectual disability are not screened as often as they should be.

Just Checking is a project funded by Cancer Institute NSW to help address this health inequality.

On the Family Planning NSW Just Checking website you will find a range of resources designed by and for people with intellectual disability. There are also resources specifically for support workers, parents and carers to build their confidence in supporting people with intellectual disability to access cancer screening.

The website gives you access to:

  • an easy English page for people with intellectual disability
  • three videos featuring actors with intellectual disability discussing their cancer screening experiences
  • three social stories explaining the screening processes along with a glossary of words and their meanings
  • a support person’s tool to assist disability support workers to have a conversation about cancer screening
  • a learning program that aims to improve disability workers’ knowledge and skills to start a conversation about cancer screening.

Disability support workers play a critical role in supporting people with intellectual disability around their health needs. They promote the importance of preventative health care and provide support for people to access preventative health services.

The learning program includes content on cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening and gives you access to resources specifically developed to help start the conversation about cancer screening. These include:

  • videos
  • social stories with a glossary of words and their meanings
  • support person's tool
  • planning templates