EOI: CESPHN GP Engagement Strategy – Consultation Roles

15 April 2019


CESPHN is implementing a more systematic and structured GP Engagement Strategy.

CESPHN is therefore conducting consultations with GPs to ensure that the GP Engagement Strategy will best fit the needs of local practices. Terms of reference are as follows:

Objectives: To provide expert advice for the GP Engagement Strategy


  1. Participation in a one-on-one interview with an independent researcher.
  2. Participate in a focus group session with other GPs.


  1. Review and provide feedback on the GP Engagement Strategy
  2. Provide expert advice regarding specific activities related to the project.
  3. Champion the GP Engagement Strategy to support the implementation of changes where appropriate.

Remuneration: GPs will be reimbursed at the rate of $130.00 per hour for participation in one interview and one focus group meeting, calculated to the nearest half hour to a maximum of four hours.