My Health Record and the influenza season

The current influenza (flu) vaccination season offers an opportunity for GP practices, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service providers and Pharmacies to engage with their patient’s My Health Record.

Vaccination is strongly recommended for people at increased risk from flu exposure and its complications. This includes (but is not limited to) those people aged 65 years and older, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pregnant women, young persons, healthcare workers and those with chronic diseases and multiple medical conditions.

Flu vaccines may be administered in a number of primary healthcare settings, including; GP practices, Pharmacies and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services. Such engagement offers providers the opportunity to initiate a conversation with the patient about their My Health Record.

Particularly in the case of GP practices and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services, the provider can upload a Shared Health Summary or an Event Summary for the immunisation record to the patient’s My Health Record. Further information on the difference between an Event Summary and Shared Health Summary can be found here.

Now that 9 out of 10 Australians have a My Health Record, the current flu vaccination season is a good opportunity for healthcare providers to engage with their patients about their health, including their My Health Record.

For further information regarding influenza and vaccination, please click here.