HealthPathways - a link to your local services

9 April 2019

If you are looking for referral information for your patients to your local services consider accessing your regional HealthPathways site. HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney and HealthPathways Sydney are web-based clinical decision support tools for healthcare professionals. The sites contain information to support the clinical assessment, management and appropriate referral of your patients for over 550 conditions. The information in the pathways is concise and based on locally agreed and evidence-based practice.

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HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney has been live for 6 months and have released over 115 pathways to their live site including a full suite of diabetes and antenatal pathways.
The more established and mobile friendly HealthPathways Sydney site has over 730 locally relevant clinical pathways and referral information pages. Recent pathway publications include Stroke and TIA management as well as a full review of their diabetes pathways.

For more information on the South Eastern HealthPathways program contact: or for Central Sydney: