Have you considered using telehealth to compliment your GPMPs and TCAs?

25 March 2019


With health-care systems facing the dual challenges of an ageing population with increasing co-morbidity, providers are looking to leverage new technologies such as telehealth to assist improved patient care.

Telehealth technologies are steadily becoming a viable solution to reducing costly visits to hospitals and helping older people take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN is currently offering GPs and their patients the opportunity to participate in a FREE 8-week Telehealth program Staying Healthy Living Well provided by Feros Care, an experienced and reliable telehealth provider. The Staying Healthy Living Well program is easy to refer to and provides ideal support for GP’s preparing GPMP’s and TCA items 230 and 723 for older people.

For practical information on the experience of older people participating in the Staying Healthy Living Well program click on the following links: