2019 Influenza Vaccination

11 March 2019

General practices are advised that 2019 Influenza vaccines are now available to pre-order via NSW Vaccine Centre online ordering system. Vaccine deliveries will commence from mid-April 2019, however practices should not schedule Flu clinics prior to 1 May as guarantees on delivery cannot be made. 

A NSW Health ‘Influenza vaccination toolkit’ is available to support immunisation providers to order sufficient amounts of influenza vaccine, manage their vaccine stock and implement their flu vaccination program. Please ensure that any 2018 influenza vaccines are discarded appropriately post expiry. 

Influenza virus strains included in the 2019 seasonal influenza vaccines: 
  • A (H1N1): an A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1)pdm09 like virus
  • A (H3N2): an A/Switzerland/8060/2017 (H3N2) like virus
  • B: a B/Colorado/06/2017 like virus (not included in the trivalent vaccine) 
  • B: a B/Phuket/3073/2013 like virus

Annual vaccination is recommended for anyone six months of age and older, as the virus changes each year. For more information visit flu immunisation service NIP.

Most people will develop immunity within two to three weeks of vaccination.Experts have advised there is recent evidence suggesting that protection following influenza vaccination may begin to wane. As influenza usually occurs from June, with the peak around August, vaccinating from mid-April 2019 will allow people to develop immunity before influenza transmission is at its peak.

Those eligible for free influenza vaccination in NSW include:
Availability of 2019 seasonal influenza vaccines:

Four age-specific quadrivalent influenza vaccines are being supplied under the Program in 2019 for people aged under 65: 

  • Afluria Quad® (Seqirus)
  • Flu Quadri® (Sanofi)
  • Flu Quadri Junior® (Sanofi)
  • Fluarix Tetra® (GSK)

An enhanced higher-immunogenicity trivalent vaccine, is being supplied for those aged 65 years and over:

  • Fluad® (Seqirus)


Further information: