Are you interested in joining the RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital GP ANSC program?

15 February 2019

GPs interested in joining the RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital GP ANSC Program you are required to register with the program by completing and returning the ANSC Program Application Form and attend an Orientation Session facilitated by the GP Liaison Midwife.

The next Orientation Session is scheduled for:

Monday 11 March
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm (dinner from 6.30 pm)
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, RPAH
Education Centre Level 5

Scheduled dates for remainder 2019 . Venue remains the same as above:

  • Monday 22 July
  • Monday 28 October

The session aims to educate and equip GPs to provide the best- practice antenatal care for low risk women by:

  • Understanding the SLHD ANSC protocol and the need to adhere to it.
  • Knowledge of each hospital booking-in processes
  • Awareness of the diagnostic referral pathways for both routine and non-routine care including early pregnancy assessment service (EPAS) and psychosocial issues
  • Pregnancy management including understanding of current guidelines for gestational diabetes screening, thyroid disease screening and prenatal screening
  • Understanding the importance of early identification and risk management in pregnancy and how to refer to appropriate high risk clinics
  • Awareness of who and when to contact for advice and support
  • Provision of resource materials, details of key contacts and specific referral forms for SLHD maternity facilities
  • Understanding the educational requirements needed to remain an ANSC GP provider and the educational supports and opportunities

As part of your appointment to the program, there is a requirement to complete the NSW Genetics Education’s online First Trimester Screening module. This module can be completed prior or following attendance at the Orientation Session. Please forward to me confirmation of its completion. RACGP points (3pts) are accrued for completion of the module and ANSC points are accrued for both attending the Orientation Session and module completion (5pts).

GPs with minimal obstetric experience maybe required to attend a hospital clinical placement (½ day) which can be arranged with the GP Liaison Midwife. NSW Health requires additional paperwork in regards to a Honorary Medical Observer to be completed prior to attending a hospital placement.

GP Registrars participating on the program are required to be supervised by a Recognised ANSC GP within their practice. Additional paperwork will be forwarded to GP Registrars following the Orientation Session outlining their requirements of the appointment and documentation of their GP Supervisor.

pdf Click here (338 KB) to view the information sheet.

pdf Click here (48 KB) to view the registration application form.