Happy Holidays and a QIPIPY New Year


The Person Centred Medical Program (PCMNP) would like to acknowledge all the great work from our enrolled practices this year.

Nearly 20 teams have planned and manned their way through a variety of Quality Improvement Activities. They identified areas within in their practices to improve on and, in particular data quality has been an area with the most improvement. This has allowed these practices to make the necessary changes possible.

Around 150 people attended the CPD events and worked their way through the first 4 of Bodenheimer’s 10 Building Blocks of High Performing Healthcare workshops. Please click here for more information re 10 Building blocks.

We are excited that next year we will be continuing to offer these opportunities and support to even more practices wishing to be involved and supporting them to receive the QI PIP Incentive.

As of today, we are still waiting for details of how the new QI PIP Incentive will work, but our PCMNP practices are well prepared.

The design of the new QI PIP Incentive is now well underway. We will let you know when we have more information. Reminder about the new QI PIP Incentive is scheduled to start on
1 May 2019. The department of Humans Services on their PIP updates has said the following:

“As part of the Incentive, you’ll have to undertake continuous quality improvement activities through the collection and review of practice data or information. Because we’re introducing the PIP QI Incentive, these five PIP incentives will cease on 30 April 2019:

  • Asthma Incentive
  • Quality Prescribing Incentive
  • Cervical Screening Incentive
  • Diabetes Incentive
  • General Practitioner Aged Care Access Incentive”

We will be launching our QI Page on our website. This will be ready early next year which will feature details of the QI PIP, how QI might work in your practice and our new step by step Quality Improvement Activities (QIA) where we try and make those first tentative steps towards person centred care as easy as possible.

If you would like to find out more information around continuous quality improvement activities, POLAR or PCMN Program contact the PCMNP Team
Catherine Scardilli c.scardilli@cesphn.com.au or David Scandol d.scandol@cesphn.com.au