ANSC November Update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital

 Updated GP ANSC Resources

We have recently updated a number of resources for GPs participating in the GP ANSC Program with RPA Woman and Babies and Canterbury Hospital. Resources can be accessed via CESPHN website.

  • GP ANSC Resource Manual v 8.0 Click here to download. (On opening PDF, Click Bookmark icon on top bar (right side) to view contents page and navigate through manual.) 

This resource is a guide for GPs participating in the Antenatal Shared Care program with RPA Woman and Babies and Canterbury Hospital. This information has been developed in conjunction with the SLHD maternity facilities in an effort to provide consistent care for GP shared care patients.

The manual content also links to Healthpathways Sydney, This additional information can be accessed via relevant page links throughout the manual. To directly access the Healthpathways Sydney information you first need to be logged into HealthpathwaysSydney. Username: connected Password: healthcare

  • ANSC GP Protocol Summary for:

RPA Women and Babies / Canterbury Hospital Antenatal Clinic  – Click here to download.

RPA Women and Babies Birth CentreClick here to download.

The ANSC GP Protocol Summary has been updated to reflect the phasing out of the obstetric second visit review at RPA Women and Babies for low risk pregnant women.

Women will be triaged by a hospital midwife at her hospital booking in visit in accordance with the National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral. Depending on the preferred model of care, women triaged as Category A “low risk” and have opted for GP shared care will now be required to have a routine GP antenatal visit (~20-22 weeks) in place of the 2nd visit Obstetrician review and then continue the usual schedule of appointments for antenatal care. In the event that any complications develop, the woman’s category may change and consultation and referral will be required (see Determining need for second visit Flow Chart (57 KB) )

This new GP antenatal visit scheduled ~ 20-22 weeks should include all aspects of routine antenatal care as well as review of the 18-19 week morphology scan.

ANSC GPs will continue to be notified by the hospital of the woman’s preferred option of care and the schedule of antenatal visits. This will occur once a woman’s booking and category have been checked and confirmed.

For women attending Canterbury Hospital for antenatal care and delivery, the second visit obstetrician review remains.

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Canterbury Hospital - external scan results

For women that are attending external providers for ultrasounds during their pregnancy, please ensure that Canterbury Hospital FAX 9787 0431 is cc’d on the specific request from. This ensures that the result will be sent to the hospital and available at the time of the woman’s hospital appointment.

Completion of antenatal record card “yellow card”

Please be reminded that completion of the antenatal record card is a requirement of the SLHD ANSC Protocol and is an important aspect of the communication process between the GP and the hospital. Good communication is essential for successful antenatal care.

At each visit, this card should be updated with routine findings and examinations and be sufficient to meet the care provider’s duty of care. Entries should be clear, concise and legible.

If using clinical software, please print out each visit and include this with the hand-held record. GP’s should stamp their details on the top right-hand corner of the card. It is helpful to note the external pathology provider to access results.

Canterbury Hospital Obstetric Referral Form – complete both sides

Please ensure that both sides of the Obstetric Referral Form are completed and have the patient name on both sides. The form may become separated if faxed e.g. high risk referrals.

Hospital Booking In Appointment ~ 12-14 weeks gestation

Women should be attending their hospital booking in appointment at ~ 12-14 weeks gestation. Please ensure that your patients has arranged this appointment and brings the required paperwork for this visit e.g. antenatal record card, pathology results, photo identification and Medicare card.

To make hospital booking in appointment:
RPA Women and Babiesbook online
Canterbury Hospital – ph. 9787 0250 or 9787 0560

Coverage overholiday period

Please remember if you will be away over the holiday period that women scheduled for routine antenatal care visits are required to be seen by a recognised ANSC GP within your practice. If there are no recognised ANSC GPs within your practice to attend this consultation, the woman should be referred to the hospital for a one off visit.