Are you preparing your practice for the new Quality Improvement PIP?


The new Quality Improvement PIP will commence in May 19 and the Person Centred Medical Neighbourhood (PCMN) Program has being working with practices in developing simple quality improvement activities that will support practices in their approach to access the new QI PIP. General practices need to look at adopting ways to measure quality improvement activities.

Measures can be described as looking at things your practice does to improve the quality of care and determine how well you do them within your practice. Quality improvement can feed into every aspect of your practice.

The PCMN team can support you in developing, identifying and registering a planned approach to quality improvement actives for your practice. For example, one of our PCMN practices was preparing to be reaccredited to the new RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice and needed to adopt a process to improve the recording of ethnicity for their practice population.

QI Activity to ensure every patient has ethnicity recorded:

The practice manager organised a team meeting to discuss their approach. As part of training the team the practice manager references RACGP 5th Edition Standards C7.1 E and F.

Our practice routinely records Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status and cultural background of our patients. This helps in providing the most appropriate care.

Using their data extraction tool an initial benchmark report is given to the practice by Central and Eastern Sydney PHN showing how many patients with ethnicity have been recorded. In three months time the next benchmark report will be given to practice to see improvement in numbers.

The practice team has redeveloped the new patient forms to improve the collection of this information and all staff are ensuring to ask the appropriate questions and have supplemented their knowledge by attending cultural awareness training. Culturally appropriate health information is displayed in the waiting room and provision of translator services is readily available to patients of the practice. Ethnicity recording has improved by 50% in three months!

If you would like to find out more information around quality improvement activities, POLAR or PCMN Program, contact the PCMNP Team: Catherine Scardilli and David Scandol