National Psychosocial Support Measure - open request for tender

13 November 2018


Central and Eastern Sydney PHN is inviting prospective service providers to submit responses to the below request for proposal, to be considered for service provision of the National Psychosocial Support (NPS) program.

In the 2017-18 Budget the Government committed $80 million over four years for the NPS measure. The purpose of the NPS measure is to provide psychosocial support services to assist people with severe mental illness resulting in reduced psychosocial functional capacity who are not eligible for assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

While the introduction of the NDIS will provide comprehensive and individualised support for people with severe and disabling mental illness, there is a cohort of people with severe mental illness for whom the NDIS was not designed but who will benefit from receiving a level of specialised but less intense psychosocial support linked to their needs and goals. The NPS measure is designed to help address this gap in a flexible and carefully planned way.

The objectives of the NPS measure are to: Support people with severe mental illness and associated psychosocial functional impairment who are not more appropriately supported through the NDIS; and reduce the avoidable need for more intense and acute health services and enhance appropriate/optimal use of the health system.

This tender will close on 7 December 2018. 

Please click here for more information on this tender or contact Terry Cayley at and 02 9383 5000.