Suffering from BMI blues?


Does your practice have trouble with recording BMI? One of the Person Centred Medical Neighbourhood Program (PCMNRP) practices has a simple solution you may wish to try.

The benchmark reports for our POLAR enrolled practices are currently being emailed out to the PCMNRP practices. The benchmark report is a simple tool that provides your practice with a “snapshot” of your accreditation requirements and how your practice compares with all the other practices using POLAR within our region. Eventually we hope to tailor the benchmark report to your practices needs.

Generally, the benchmark report is very easy to understand and if your clinical metrics are in green you are meeting your accreditation standard requirements. However, several practices have found that their BMI records are either in the red zone (less than 5 per cent) or the orange zone (within 5 per cent) of target.

When we discussed this with the practices a universal theme was the issue of waist measurements and the embarrassment for clinicians (and or the patient) of needing to wrap your arms around the patient with the tape measure.

Kelly McDonnell, Practice Manager of Maroubra Medical Centre offered a simple suggestion as to how they have improved their BMI recording for patients. 

They simply ask the patient to hold the end of the tape measure on their belly button, and then spin around, taking the tape with them.  The practitioner can then easily read the tape without having to “embrace” the patient. It’s also a nice way to have patients involved in their care!

If you would like to find out more information around quality improvement activities, POLAR or PCMNP contact the PCMNP team - Catherine Scardilli or David Scandol.